Seminar: New Media and Human Rights

The website are hosting a seminar tomorrow on New Media and the protection of Human Rights. Emily of Rag will be contributing to a panel on the subject, considering the following questions:

1. Do the media have a positive or negative impact on the protection of human rights?

2. What role do you envisage for blogging and media/social media in:

a. Informing the public on issues of human rights?

b. Bringing together like-minded individuals and groups to campaign for rights protection?

Panel III will be held from 3.40pm - 4.40 pm at the NUI in Merrion Square.

There will be an opportunity for open discussion in the last 20 minutes of this session so please come and contribute or listen. It will also be filmed and streamed live online.

A final copy of the agenda for the seminar is here:

The Rag, Issues 1 to 6

The Rag, Issues 1 to 6