September 2010 - Feminist Open Forum discussion

As usual, September is a very busy month for us, we are finishing off articles and thinking about getting The Rag no.5 to the printers!

We've been invited to this event and hope to attend.


Feminist Futures Thurs 23rd Sep 6pm


Roundtable Conversation on Alternative Futures

In these tough times, how and what are feminists thinking about the future?

What do feminists think the future could and should look like?

Do we have challenging alternative views of the future?

What needs to change and how can we do it?

How can we strengthen our creative, political and practical skills?

How can we build unity and work in solidarity?

These are just some of the questions we’ll be talking about on the evening!

Please come along and join in the:


Thursday 23rd September at 6pm

Central Hotel, Exchequer St, Dublin

We're thinking ahead to the big CLAIMING OUR FUTURE assembly happening in the RDS, Dublin on Saturday 30th October, and are very keen to ensure strong feminist participation in it. So we thought one of the ways we could prepare for it would be to have a stimulating, provocative, exciting and altogether timely public conversation about how feminists are diversely thinking about (and working for) the future. More info about the assembly on Facebook and on

The Rag, Issues 1 to 6

The Rag, Issues 1 to 6