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Just to let everyone know we've started to concentrate on getting The Rag no.3 together and will be working hard on it for the next few months. If anyone would like to submit images for the magazine or even ideas for the front cover please send them on to ragdubin at riseup.net

Also, check out the most recent editions for Women's News (a feminist magazine from Belfast) and the anarchist magazine Black Flag #227 for articles about RAG.

Choice Ireland demo again the WRC - Sat 26th July

Choice Ireland Calls on all Organisations to
Join their Big Demo Against the WRC

1pm Saturday, 26th July 2008, 50 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin 1.

Choice Ireland is finishing a month of action against the rogue pregnancy counselling agency the
WRC this Saturday July 26 2008. Choice Ireland has undertaken this month of action to raise local
awareness about the operation of the clinic in the area and to generate support for our upcoming
Oireachtas hearing where we will argue that legislation should be introduced to shut down rogue
agencies. Choice Ireland therefore asks all like minded organisations to come and show their support
for our campaign to shut down the WRC this Saturday July 26 2008 at 1pm at number 50 Upper
Dorset Street. Bring your banners and flags!

Some Background information: Choice Ireland is engaged in a campaign to shut down the WRC
because we believe that vulnerable women in crisis pregnancies deserve help and support in
coming to terms with the difficult choices they face in their situation – not the lies, bullying, and
manipulation of the WRC. For this reason we are campaigning to have this rogue agency shut
down and as part of this campaign we will be maintaining a presence outside it every Saturday
this month of July.

This protest raises awareness about the WRC's activities and prevents them from
traumatising more women for as long as we are there. Choice Ireland is preparing for an
Oireachtas committee meeting to have rogues agencies like this regulated and we will be
collecting signatures for a petition to support this. We hope that you can offer us your support and
help spread the word about what is going on. If you can't make it this Saturday then come along to
our big demo on Saturday the 26th of July.

A rogue agency is a fraudulent pregnancy counselling service set up with the sole aim of taking
advantage of the vulnerability of women experiencing a crisis pregnancy in order to bully them out
of considering the possibility of abortion.The WRC is located at number 50 on Upper Dorset Street.
The sign above the door reads “WRC” but this rogue agency has many aliases. It was known as
“Aadams” from 1995 until 1999 when that incarnation was shut down in the midst of an illegal
adoption scandal. It reopened as the “Women's Counselling Network” and was more recently calling
itself “Alpha” until a Newstalk exposé led it to change its name once more to the “WRC”.

This agency is also known to misleadingly advertise in the yellow pages as “British Alternative
Pregnancy Services” and “Choice for Women” in order to give the false impression that they will
discuss all the options available to women in crisis pregnancy when they have no intention of doing
so.The agency uses many names because it has a lot to hide. This agency specialises in
traumatising vulnerable women. They give medically incorrect information to women about abortion,
stating that abortion causes breast cancer, child abuse, depression, fridgitity, promiscuity and
infertility. They also have told women that have been raped that it is impossible to become pregnant
from rape. None of this is true and the only reason they tell women these lies is to try to impede their
abilitiy to make an informed decision.

They have also been known to breach the confidentiality of people seeking counselling – informing
family members without consent that a woman is pregnant and may be considering an abortion,
giving a woman's contact details to priests, and posing as a boyfriend to try and persuade a clinic
to cancel an appointment for abortion.The agency promises women that they will be given contact
details for abortion clinics in England as soon as they have had an unnecessary and expensive
ultrasound at a private clinic that may take several weeks to procure. When the woman returns with
her ultrasound scans the clinic then uses the images to try and talk her out of her decision once
more. The reason they engage in such a tactic is to try and cause a woman additional delay and
expense in the hope that this will prevent her from being able to procure an abortion.


RAG: Next open meeting - Men and Feminism

Men & Feminism:

What does it mean to be a man in a patriarchal society? How
can men participate and offer solidarity in the feminist struggle against

RAG open discussion open to all genders.
Hosted by RAG & an embryonic pro-feminist men’s group…
We’re hoping this event will help kick-start a regular
discussion/action group for men to explore feminist & gender politics &
Come along & be a part of it…

Monday, July 7th


Eengo on Camden St.
(Beside the petshop (to the right), black door, bottom buzzer - press it and we shall buzz you in)

Email: ragdublin@riseup.net for more information.

The Rag, Issues 1 to 6

The Rag, Issues 1 to 6