The Rag 3!

Issue 3 of the Rag magazine is ready! We brought it to the anarchist bookfair in London over the weekend, sold heaps at our stall and got bundles off with some distributers - Housmans bookshop, Freedom Press, AK Press, Active Distribution, Natterjack Press, and Handmedown distro. (Handmedown in particular is a wonderful anarcha-feminist resource - do have a look at their website.)
We couldn't carry enough for everyone but will be posting more off to distibuters shortly.

Oddly enough we have yet to launch in Ireland - or get it to distributers here! We will have to get it the right way around next year. It may have been because we only managed to get it printed the day before we were due to go to the bookfair - last minute has never looked so good! So watch this space for details of Irish launch and international availability. We welcome new distributers - mail us if you want us to post you any in bulk (5+) .

We will also get this blog updated with the new cover etc over the next week, and hopefully get a whole new website together soon (we are actually working on this!)

On a side-note, it was gratifying to witness the (almost equal) gender balance at the anarchist bookfair this year. Just two years ago, the place was so empty of women, and the RAG table so ignored, that we were driven to sketch a little sign for our stall which read "Anarcha-Feminism is for men too!"

Hi and thanks to all the amazing anarchist feminists we met over the weekend.The time was too short for proper discussion but it was great to be able to check in at least.

The Rag, Issues 1 to 6

The Rag, Issues 1 to 6