Walking Tour Thanks!

Thanks to all who came along to the Feminist Walking Tour - it was a great day. Thanks also to whoever organised the sunshine!

If anyone has any more good photos from the day, and wouldn't mind sharing, could you please email them to feministwalkingtour AT yahoo.ie.
(photo opposite thanks to Andrew Flood)

To those who would have liked to make it but couldn't: if you would like a booklet, (and/or activity sheet / colour-in map) you can send us a self addressed envelope (A5 - 55cent should do it in Ireland) to PO box 10785, Dublin 1. We can also email the pdfs.

A big thanks to Seomra Spraoi (Dublin's social centre) & to our guest speakers Bernie and Niav, and singer Cormac - and to co-organisers Choice Ireland and Lash Back.

Here we all are afterwards out the back of Seomra Spraoi. Photo by Karla Healion.

If anyone wants more details about any of the organising groups - or to be put on any of our mailing lists, you can drop us a line individually - or through feministwalkingtour AT yahoo.ie. (see links below)


colour-in map =)

The Rag, Issues 1 to 6

The Rag, Issues 1 to 6