Guerrilla Girls in Dublin

Anonymous Feminist Theatre Troupe Guerrilla Girls On Tour to hold
Press Conference and Photo Call: Friday, February 22nd, 11.15-12.15

Performances on Monday, February 25th, Trinity Player's Theatre at 6.30pm and 9.00pm

The Guerrilla Girls on Tour are "Changing the World, One Sexist City
at a Time" as their tagline goes, and Dublin is next on the list. The
American feminist theatre group, who all use the names of dead female
artists and wear gorilla masks during appearances, have adapted their
live performance Feminists Are Funny to address the past and present
of women in the Irish theatre. The Guerrilla Girls will hold a press
conference at 11.15 on Friday, February 22nd in the Elizabethan Room
of House Six, off Trinity's Front Square. A question and answer
session will be followed by a photo call in Front Square.
On the current state of feminism in Ireland, Guerrilla Girl on Tour
Coco Chanel comments: "I feel the abortion laws in Ireland are archaic
and was shocked to find that in Ireland divorce has only recently been
allowed by law. Is the God we worship in the United States more slack
than the God you worship in Ireland? I feel that the lack of
separation of church and state in Ireland has only hindered the
woman's movement and it is not God's fault".

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The Rag, Issues 1 to 6